Friday, July 4, 2008


Took the kids to see Wall-E last night. It's rated G, however, I don't think that very young children will really understand it, or enjoy it. As cute as Wall-E is, he cannot compensate for the fact the movie has a very serious message. The movie takes place in the distant future. Earth has been overcome by the excesses of its people who, in turn, have abandoned the planet and taken refuge aboard a spaceship. Generations of passed and Earth's people, waited on and pampered by robots and AI computers, have grown fat, complacent and unable to think for themselves. Back on Earth, only the robot, Wall-E, and a cockroach remain. That is, until the auto bot, Eva, arrives searching for signs of life to signal the possibility of return.

Wall-E, the movie, is touching, timely and entertaining - but I don't think the pre-school set will enjoy anything more than the marketing blitz. Bring on the poorly written, cheaply made books - Wall-E has arrived. Sigh.

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