Monday, July 21, 2008

Adam Canfield

Winerip, Michael. 2007. Adam Canfield: Watch your back!
Winerip, Michael. 2005. Adam Canfield of the Slash.

A quick post on these two titles...I have not read either of them, however, my now 13-year-old daughter has read them both and recommends them. Despite its small print and length, 329 pages, she finished the newest book in one weekend - in my opinion, a sure sign of a good book.

Adam Canfield is the co-editor of his Elementary/Middle School newspaper, The Slash. In the latest book, Adam Canfield does more than report the stories, he is the story, after he is mugged. My daughter's only complaint is that the plot formula for the two books is the same, but she enjoyed them nonetheless. I'll put these on my "to read" list.

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