Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All of Me! A book of thanks.

Bang, Molly. 2009. All of me! A book of thanks. New York: Blue Sky Press.

All of Me! A book of thanks, is a joyful book that fits many needs. It is foremost, a child's book of thankfulness for his body,

"What grand hands! Thank you, hands, for gripping and throwing and patting and holding. And for hugging,"

his world,

"I listen with my ... ears. Outside I hear cars rumbling. I hear music playing. I hear honking, singing, barking, and laughing,"

and his place in the world,

"All this is my home. I am ALIVE."

The illustrations are a large and colorful mix of collage art, paint and crayons. The endpapers include directions for children to create their own books. In "Books are Fun to Make," author-illustrator Molly Bang, tells children how she made the book using paper bags, cloth and paper, crayons (!!), paints, paintbrushes and water. She includes simple directions and illustrations. Perfect for a budding artist!

Finally, All of Me! A Book of Thanks is perfect choice for Thanksgiving storytime (reminding us that we have more to be thankful for than a full plate) and for showcasing multiculturalism. The child is has biracial parents and lives in a vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

A simple book with a positive message.

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