Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I have not had a chance to see the new movie Where the Wild Things Are, based on Maurice Sendak's Caldecott Medal winning book of the same name, however, I thought I'd pass this information along.

My niece, who has two preschoolers, went to see the movie and posted this message on Facebook, "Just saw Where The Wild Things Are. It is NOT a children's movie. I repeat, NOT a children's movie."

Of course, this is only one person's opinion, but I pass it along because I've noticed that many movie trailers are crafted to appeal to very young children, when the movie itself is intended for an older audience.

When in doubt about the appropriateness of a children's movie, you can check the website of, which contains reviews and commentary on all new movies. The site rates them on gore, violence, profanity, etc. Movies are reviewed in excruciating detail and reviews usually contain spoilers, however, you'll never be unpleasantly surprised at the theater, and the site is a cheaper option than previewing the movie yourself before bringing the kids.

Common Sense Media is another great site for movie reviews. They suggest this movie for ages 9 and up.

Where the Wild Things Are is rated PG for "mild thematic elements, some adventure action and brief language."

I'd love to hear comments from anyone who has seen the movie with young kids! If I get to the movie this weekend, I'll be sure to post again.

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