Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Happy Hocky Family moves to the Country!

Smith, Lane. 2003. The happy Hocky family moves to the country! New York: Viking.

This is an older title, but one that I just discovered. This is a hilarious story comparing city life to country life as the Happy Hocky family learns to adjust to their new home in the country. The deadpan delivery of jokes, combined with the delightfully simple illustrations is a perfect mix.

(Country Math)
A. Here is the wild bunny.
B. Here is the wild bunny's big belly.
C. Here is where Mrs. Hocky's GARDEN used to be.

or my favorite

Baby's Caterpillar Story
I have a caterpillar. Do you have a caterpillar?
I have a caterpillar.
My caterpillar is fuzzy.
My caterpillar is ...
I have a jar.
Do you have a jar?
I have jar.

(You'll have to imagine the illustrations of the bald, diapered baby and his soon-to-be-empty jar!)

Too funny!

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