Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Keisha Ann Can!

Kirk, Daniel. 2008. Keisha Ann Can! New York: Putnam.

Who can catch the school bus for the early-morning ride?
Who can wait in line until it's time to go inside?
Who can sit in front because she's teacher's biggest fan?
Who can stand to say the pledge?

A bright, cheerful, rhyming story of a confident young girl in Kindergarten. Even when her blocks fall down or she misspells a word on the board, Keisha Ann takes it all in stride - trying again until she gets it right. Finishing with an upbeat message to the reader, "you can do them, too!" Keisha Ann Can! should help to dispel any first-day-of-school jitters.

The illustrations, also by Kirk, are bright watercolors of a smiling, multicultural class. The protagonist is an African American girl with pigtails. Whites, Latinos and Asians are also represented. Each painting (many are double-spreads) is filled with color and only two have any white space. The backgrounds show a lot of texture and almost appear to be sponge-painted. The text is large, with only a sentence or two per page. A great book to share with children entering PreK or Kindergarten.

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