Friday, August 8, 2008

Puberty books

Two new books just recently arrived - The Girls Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing up You by Kelly Dunham and On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow! A What's Happening to my Body Book for Younger Boys by Lynn Madaras.

Both of these titles are upbeat, humorously illustrated books for kids on the younger side of puberty. Full of useful information, but devoid of discussion about sexual topics more appropriate for older or sexually active kids, these books are great for younger kids starting their journey into puberty. The boys' book is a particularly welcome addition because books for boys on this topic are not as plentiful as those for girls. Both books contain information on bodily functions and anatomy, hints and encouragement from other kids, nutrition and exercise requirements for a healthy body, and social advice for negotiating difficulties at school and home.

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