Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Retired Kid

Agee, Jon. 2008. The retired kid. Hyperion.

(Hyperion, now an imprint of "Disney Book Group?")

Being a kid is hard work! Now, after eight long years of toil, 8-year-old, Brian, has decided to retire. No more grueling soccer practices, violin lessons, or broccoli for Brian! He's headed to Florida to the Happy Sunset Retirement Community. At first it's great fun - swimming, card games, fishing... but then there's the hip replacement discussions, prune juice smoothies, television documentaries, knitting classes... Perhaps being a kid isn't so bad after all.

A humorous look at the joys and difficulties of being a kid! Simply illustrated in Jon Agee's minimalist style - painted sketches and lots of white space.

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