Friday, August 1, 2008

Peter Spit a Seed at Sue

Koller, Jackie French. 2008. Peter spit a seed at Sue. New York: Viking.

This is a funny, rhyming, riotous story of the fun that ensues when four bored children begin a watermelon fight. The colors are bright, the story is fast-paced and funny,

Off we ran across the yard,
Spitting fast and spitting hard.
The laundry fluttered in the breeze
As seeds buzzed through the air like bees.
Soon our sheets had polka dots
And Dad's shorts sported leopard spots.

...but the story leaves me nostalgic for watermelon seeds. I wonder if children even see watermelon seeds anymore. As for myself, I special-order watermelons with seeds. Somehow, I just like things the way they were meant to be - imperfections and all. Are we the last generation of seed spitters? I hope not.

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