Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coraline, Inkheart, movies, and books

I've always been one to read the book first, then see the movie. Then I always complain that the book was better. That is certainly the case with Coraline, now in theaters. I saw it in 3-D with my daughter. It's a great movie and the 3-D effects are awesome, but of course, I don't think the movie is as good as the book; and I didn't like the addition of a new character to the story. Part of Coraline's charm as a heroine is her self-reliance and assuredness. She really didn't need a sidekick.

Still, it's well worth seeing. Leave the preschoolers at home though! (I was surprised to see how many were in the theater)

Inkheart is a different story. I had never read Inkheart and went to see the movie with my daughters. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but I really did enjoy it as a reading-themed, action movie.

I followed up the movie by downloading the audiobook version of the book, read by Lynn Redgrave (Listening Library 2005). I'm not sure if it was the length of the book (over 15 hours) or the monotony of listening to the same reader, that made it such slow-going. I've listened to Lynn Redgrave as the reader of Prince Caspian, and got used to her characterizations after a few chapters, however, the number and variety of characters in Inkheart makes it difficult for any narrator to create enough vocal variety for each character. Add to that fact, the fact that I already knew most of the story (although the movie does depart from the book in several major ways), and the whole audiobook experience was a bit of a chore.


just when I was deciding that I wouldn't follow through on the rest of the series, Listening Library played a cruel trick on me - they included the first chapter of Inkspell, read by Brendan Fraser after the final chapter of Inkheart. Now I have no choice. I have to know what happens to Dustfinger!

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