Saturday, February 14, 2009

Safe at Home

Lupica, Mike. 2008. Safe at home. New York: Philomel.
ISBN 9780399247163

Twelve-year-old Nick Crandall has just received the wish of every boy on his middle school JV baseball team - a chance to play varsity, a chance that no Hayworth School sixth-grader has ever been given. He should be thrilled; but he's not. Nick, adopted only three years earlier from a foster home, is happy on JV. He's a star player. He's among friends.

When he's drafted to fill in for an injured varsity player, he no longer feels "safe at home." In fact, he longer feels at home anywhere.

Safe at Home is part of the Comeback Kids series, written by famed sports columnist, author, and TV personality, Mike Lupica. The thrill of the game takes center field in this story as Nick Crandall learns confidence and an appreciation for the things he has, rather than a longing for those he doesn't.

Middle school boys and baseball fans should enjoy this short, baseball-themed novel.

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