Saturday, January 11, 2014

Frustrations for a rainy Saturday morning

It appears that Blogger's "Search" function has not been working properly.  If you've tried to find one of my reviews or booktalks using the search box, chances are that you've come up empty.  I've removed the box until the glitch is repaired.  In the meantime, if you're searching for a particular review, you can contact me via email, or check out my LibraryThing account, where I try to diligently post all the books I've reviewed, as well as books I've read and not reviewed.  Although I find "starring" books to be somewhat inaccurate and based on whim, my LT books are all starred and tagged.

I've tried Goodreads, looked at Shelfari, and toyed with Riffle (it has possibilities), but LibraryThing is still my hands-down favorite for cataloging books. I guess I'm just not as social as the others would like me to be. ;)

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