Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Biography assignments, redux

It's January, which, in my neck of the woods, means that it's time for school biography assignments.  I love to read biographies. I'm happy that teachers assign them for reading, and happy that some kids enjoy them.

However, there's always a bit of a disconnect in what is required, what is available and what is wanted.  I'm fortunate to work in a library that is chock-full of great biographies for kids, however, many don't meet the requirements of teachers or CCCS.  As is my usual opinion, I think more dialogue is needed between librarians, teachers, and the creators of subject standards, who sadly, are often not educators.

You can find me today at the ALSC Blog, the official blog of ALA's Association for Library Service to Children, with my annual opinion on biography assignments.  Please visit the conversation there. In the meantime, rather than vent, I'll Venn. ;)

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